Pages in the needs work category could be here for a variety of reasons:

  • The information written about them is incomplete; they had more to do with the story than what is reflected in their pages. (see Article stubs for more extremely short pages.
  • The page is robust but not formatted correctly.
  • They do not have a separate biography section; it is interwoven with everything else, making it look as if it does not flow correctly.
  • What happens in the book and character analyses are not separated.
  • Unlabeled media. (Photos and videos must have descriptions.) 
  • Page could be more detailed in several areas:
    • Biography section. (Important characters should have an in-depth biography section.)
    • Character traits section. (Full physical description and personality description using evidence from the book. Quotes are preferred.)
    • Relationships section. (Separated in different headings for different people. Very important characters, namely protagonists, should have a fully developed relationships section that includes family members, friends, and love interests.)
    • Notes and references section. (All information/media must be cited and cited correctly. This is especially true for information found outside of the books, in articles and other books about Jane Austen's work.)

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