Charles Hayter is a character in Persuasion. He is the eldest son and heir of Mr. and Mrs. Hayter. His maternal aunt is Mrs. Musgrove, thus he is a first cousin to Charles, Louisa, Henrietta, and the late Richard Musgrove.

Charles is a scholar and a gentleman, and has far more cultivated manners than that of the rest of his immediate family. He fits more into his Musgrove relations than with the Hayters[1].

He and Henrietta developed an affection for each other, which Mr. Musgrove did not object to, as long as Henrietta was happy. This was ruined upon the arrival of Frederick Wentworth, with whom Henrietta was so taken that she forgot about her old beloved[1].

Henrietta decided that she would be happy with Charles, however. Her brother helped her go over to her love without Mary's interference, and she and her cousin renewed their vows of love, and became engaged.

Notes and referencesEdit

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