Charles Musgrove is a character in Persuasion. He is married to Mary Musgrove née Elliot, the youngest child of Sir Walter and the late Lady Elliot. They married on December 16th in 1810[1]. Charles is heir to Charles Musgrove, Esq. of Uppercross in Somerset. His father is a wealthy man, but untitled, a fact that displeases his father-in-law. However, his father's landed property and importance in the county were second only to Sir Walter, making Charles and his wife very important people indeed[2]. Charles has two other living siblings, Henrietta Musgrove and Louisa Musgrove. He has one brother who died while abroad, Richard Musgrove, the black sheep of the family[3].

Charles and Mary have children, but they disagree on how they should be raised. Charles likes to spoil them[2].

Personality and traitsEdit

Charles is described as civil and agreeable, and superior to his wife in sense and temper. He was of very good spirits and temperament.

Notes and referencesEdit

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