Highbury is a fictional village in Jane Austen's Emma. It was large and populous. The Woodhouse family of Hartfield estate live near Highbury, as do Mr. and Mrs. Weston of Randalls. But the rest of the land belongs to Mr. Knightley's Donwell Abbey Estate.

It is sixteen miles from Brunswick Square, London and 7 miles from Box Hill.


  • Mrs. Bates and Miss Bates, the daughter and wife of the deceased vicar of Highbury
  • Mr. and Mrs. Weston, Frank Churchill's father and Emma's former governess
  • Mrs. Goddard, founder of the boarding school in the town
  • Harriet Smith, the boarder and student of Mrs. Goddard's
  • Mr. and Mrs. Perry, the apothecary and his wife
  • John Abdy, the former clerk of the parish
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ford, the owners of the shop

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