Julia Yates (née Bertram) is the youngest daughter of Sir Thomas Bertram, a baronet; and his lady. She eloped with John Yates after the disaster involving her elder sister Maria and Henry Crawford.


Early lifeEdit

Julia and her elder sister were raised closely and in luxury. The had a governess, Miss Lee, who taught them their many accomplishments. When their younger cousin Fanny Price was taken in by her parents, Julia and Maria didn't know what to make of her and were at first cruel. They thought she was incredibly stupid for being so ignorant, not taking into account that she was just never taught[1]. They did enjoy playing together, though.

Young adulthoodEdit

Both sisters took the neighborhood by storm, becoming belles.

Character traitsEdit

According to her mother, she used to terrorize her mother's dog[2].

When they were older, they are described as accomplished, beautiful ladies, with great civility and decorum[3].

Notes and referencesEdit

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