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Portrait of The Duchess of Gordon (Creative License).

Lady Anne Darcy: nee Fitzwilliam Is only mentioned in the Novel, but is the Mother of Fitzwilliam and Georgianna Darcy. As well as the wife of The Former Mr. Darcy. Not much is known about Anne, except that her and her sister Lady Catherine agreed to the marriage of their two children. It could also be that her neice Anne is named for her as well.

She is the daughter of an Earl, which is why she is refered to as Lady Anne as opposed to Mrs. Darcy. Along with her sister she also has a brother, who inherited her father's title. This brother had at least two sons, one of which is Colonel Fitzwilliam. She died after her daughter's birth most likly in childbirth from sickness.

How would you address Lady AnneEdit

  • Lady Anne / Lady Anne Fitzwilliam / Lady Anne Darcy - Pretty much everyone who wasn't close enough to call her something else. She would be called Lady Anne as a courtesy title because her father was an earl.
  • Miss Fitzwilliam/Miss Anne Fitzwilliam - if her father did not receive or inherit his title until after she was born, Lady Anne might have begun her days as Miss Fitzwilliam or Miss Anne Fitzwilliam.
  • Mrs. Darcy - again, if she married before her father received or inherited his title, Lady Anne might have been known as Mrs. Darcy at the beginning part of her marriage, up until her father became an earl.

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