The Dowager Viscountess Dalrymple, called Lady Dalrymple, is a character in Persuasion. She has one daughter, the honourable Miss Carteret. She is related to Sir Walter Elliot by marriage[1].


Estrangement from the ElliotsEdit

When he was alive, Lord Dalrymple was friends with Sir Walter. This ended, however, when the late Lord Dalrymple died and no letter of condolence was sent to the Dalrymple family seat in Ireland. This was an oversight due to an illness in the Elliot family at the time, and was not meant. After, the Dalrymples considered the acquaintance to be closed[1].

Stay in BathEdit

In 1813, Lady Dalrymple and her daughter decided to go to Bath for the holiday. Their arrival was announced in the papers and caused quite a stir. The Elliots—at least Sir Walter and Elizabeth—were beside themselves with excitement. They did not hesitate to claim a familial connection to the aristocrats and mentioned it all the time in their rented house on Camden-place in Bath.

For the season, Lady Dalrymple rented a very luxurious townhouse Laura-place, another fashionable part of Bath. Lady Russell and William Elliot also thought that Sir Walter should pursue a connection with the dowager viscountess[1].

They were almost immediately visited by the Elliots at their house on Laura-place. They impressed Sir Walter, Elizabeth, and even Lady Russell simply because they were aristocratic. They did not impress Anne Elliot, who thought they lacked elegance, manners, accomplishment, and understanding[1].

Character traitsEdit

Lady Dalrymple is a very wealthy lady who can afford to rent a house on Laura-place. Although she lacks the elegance, charm, and education that would endear her to Anne Elliot, the dowager viscountess was very civil and had a smile for everyone. This earned her the epithet "charming woman"[1].

Titles and stylesEdit

As a widow: (First name) Carteret, the Dowager Viscountess Dalrymple

Lady Dalrymple is a dowager viscountess, which means her husband is dead and his successor has a wife who would take her place as Viscountess Dalrymple. Her husband's successor may or may not be related to her, as a woman need only to have been a viscountess to become a dowager viscountess. She does not need to be the mother of the new peer.

Notes and referencesEdit

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