Mr. Heywood is a character in Sanditon, by Jane Austen. He is married to Mrs. Heywood and owns a comfortable estate in Willingden.

He is a wealthy middle-aged man, and proprietor of a farm in Willingden.[1] He is with his haymakers when there is a carriage accident on the road, and he and several of them go out to help. He is a bit bemused by the travelers, namely Mr. Parker, who is looking for a surgeon in Willingden to examine his ankle. Parker would not believe him when he said there was no surgeon, and shows newspaper articles of there being a surgeon in Willingden. Heywood pointed out that there are two Willingdens in the country, and that the articles likely referred to the other.[1]

When Mr. Parker looked as if he would continue his journey even on a sprained ankle, Mr. Heywood entreated the Parkers to stay with the Heywoods in Willingden where Heywood's wife and daughters would help them. The Parkers ended up staying with them for a fortnight, as the injured ankle kept Mr. Parker from his feet.[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

All citations about the book are taken from the Penguin Classics edition (2003), an anthology of Jane Austen's lesser known or unfinished works such as Lady Susan, The Watsons, and Sanditon.

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