Mr. Shepherd is a character in Persuasion. He is a lawyer who is civil and cautious. He does not like his client Sir Walter Elliot, because the man is completely opposite to him in terms of restraint. He has at least one child, the opportunistic Mrs. Clay, a widow[1].

Following Lady Elliot's death, Sir Walter started overspending in his vanity. This brought his family into a great deal of debt. He did trust Lady Russell to help Sir Walter, and hinted quite emphatically that the baronet should heed Lady Russell even if the man refused to take Shepherd into account.

It became clear that the Elliot family would have to leave Kellynch Hall. The choices were London, Bath, or a cottage in the country. Mr. Shepherd was nervous that Sir Walter was vying for London, and feared the baronet would just resort to overspending in the sumptuous city. He and Lady Russell got Sir Walter to agree to Bath[1].

Notes and referencesEdit

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