Mrs. Allen is a character in Northanger Abbey. She is married to Mr. Allen, a wealthy man who owns most of the property in Fullerton, Wiltshire, where the Morlands live[1].


Stay in BathEdit

Mr. and Mrs. Allen decided to go to Bath on holiday. They invited Catherine Morland, one of the ten children of Mr. and Mrs. Morland. Catherine was a favorite of Mrs. Allen's, so it was natural to invite her[1]. They rented a very comfortable home on Pulteney St[2].

Mrs. Allen saw the attraction between Henry Tilney and Catherine, and secretly wanted her friend to get involved with him—in a marriage sense.

Character traitsEdit

Mrs. Allen had neither beauty, genius, accomplishment, nor manner. Only her quiet, inactive good temper, and her trifling turn of mind, could account for her landing such a match with such a wealthy gentleman. She has a harmless delight in the finer things in life, and was excited to introduce her young friend to Bath society[2].

She often commented on inane things just to bring in conversation or noise to life. If there was a particularly loud carriage passing by, she would comment on it; if she messed up a stitch in embroidery, she would comment on it. She did not expect any companion to make conversation about whatever subject she brought up, she just liked to talk every once and a while.

Mrs. Allen is often a foil for herself. One minute, she is very shrewd and picking up facial expressions and subtle remarks, the next, she does not seem to understand any of it.

Notes and referencesEdit

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