Mrs. Hayter is a minor character in Persuasion. She is married to Mr. Hayter, and has children with him. She is sister to Mrs. Musgrove, and thus aunt to Charles, Louisa, Henrietta, and the late Richard Musgrove. She has at least one son, Charles Hayter, and at least two other daughters, known collectively as the "Miss Hayters"[1].

She and her sister both married wealthy men and thus they both had money and status. Mrs. Musgrove, however, married a richer man with far more land that was worth far more. There was no pride nor envy between the sisters, and they got along splendidly. Louisa and Henrietta were delighted to take their slightly poorer and less educated female cousins under their wing[1]. Charles Hayter and Henrietta even developed a small affection towards each other. Mr. Musgrove knew that Henrietta could perhaps do better on the marriage mart, but decided that if they liked each other then it would be alright[1][2]. Her son felt threatened by Captain Wentworth when Henrietta showed interest in the man.

Notes and referencesEdit

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  2. This is in sharp contrast to how Sir Walter Elliot treated the possible connection of Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth.

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