Mrs. Long is a minor character in Pride and Prejudice. She lives in Hertfordshire near the Bennet family. She is one of the village gossips and talks often with Mrs. Bennet. Mrs. Long heard from Mr. Morris, the proprietor of Netherfield Park, that a young and single gentleman with £5,000 a year had acquired the property. She also heard that he was to take possession of said property before Michaelmas and that his name was Bingley[1].

Mrs. Bennet was appalled when her husband said he would not go call on Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth assured her mother that Mrs. Long promised to introduce him to the Bennet sisters at the Meryton ball, but Mrs. Bennet dismissed those claims by saying that Mrs. Long had two nieces to marry off and that she is a selfish, hypocritical woman, who does not deserve a good opinion[2].

For all Mrs. Bennet's outward friendliness to the other elder women whom she knew, they were all in an intense war to see who could marry off their unmarried daughters and nieces first. Lady Lucas won in the case of her Charlotte and Mr. Collins and was quite pleased with herself. This is why Mrs. Bennet was afraid that her daughters would never be introduced to Mr. Bingley, because Mrs. Long would want to only introduce him to her two unmarried nieces. Mrs. Bennet won in the long run, as she had three daughters married by the end of the novel; two of whom were married to extremely wealthy gentlemen.

Notes and referencesEdit

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