Mrs. Rushworth is a character in Mansfield Park. She is the mother of James Rushworth, the rather dull ex-husband of Maria Bertram.


Mrs. Rushworth took a liking to Maria Bertram as a good wife for her son almost immediately, and indeed complimented the girl to her aunt, Mrs. Norris, saying that she would make her son happy due to her amiable qualities and accomplishments[2].

Character traitsEdit

She is described as being well-meaning, civil, prosing, and pompous. She only thought of consequence as it related to herself or her son. She kept pressing the frail Lady Bertram to make a long journey with them to Sotherton without thinking about the lady's health[3].

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Her son inherited Sotherton Court, so her husband must be deceased
  2. Mansfield Park, Chapter 4
  3. Chapter 8

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