Mrs. Thorpe is a character in Northanger Abbey.


She is a widow, and is the mother of several children. Isabella Thorpe is her very beautiful eldest daughter, and she has a couple other daughters. She has at least one son, John Thorpe, who attends school with James Morland, Catherine Morland's brother.[2]

The older members of the Thorpe family seemed to believe that James Morland was wealthier than he was, and Mrs. Thorpe likely pushed Isabella to pursue him. When it became news that Isabella and Morland became engaged and were waiting for Mr. Morland's consent, Mrs. Thorpe and her son exchanged significant looks that Catherine could not quite decipher at the time.[3] The Thorpe family really deceived themselves, as none of the Morlands led any of them to believe that they were wealthy.

Character traitsEdit

Mrs. Thorpe never could see any wrong when her children were concerned, and thought them the greatest of people. She loved to hear praise about her children, especially her two eldest, John and Isabella. She never could believe why anyone would dislike them. Mr. Allen criticized Mrs. Thorpe for being too indulgent of her children, and for letting them behave with ill manners and bad breeding.[4]

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Her husband was a lawyer, which would make Mrs. Thorpe's status the same as his. This is mentioned in Chapter 25.
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