Mrs. Tilney (née Drummond) was a character mentioned in Northanger Abbey. She died before the course of the novel and therefore does not make an appearance. Catherine Morland, due to her overactive imagination and over-consumption of the Gothic novel, believes that the formidable General Tilney murdered his wife while they were in their home, Northanger Abbey.


Marriage and dowryEdit

Mrs. Tilney brought in £20,000[1] to the marriage, and her father allowed her to spend £500[2] on a wedding gown. She also received a beautiful set of pearls that passed to her daughter, Eleanor Tilney, after she died.[3]

Years afterEdit

She had three children, Frederick, Henry, and Eleanor. She was close with her daughter before she died, but unfortunately Eleanor did not realize what a gift she had with her mother until after Mrs. Tilney's death. They used to go on walks together, Mrs. Tilney's favorite being the small path through the Scotch fir grove.[4]

She died when Eleanor was only thirteen years of age.[4]

Notes and referencesEdit

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  2. Equivalent of around $33,580 in April, 2017.
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