Mrs. Weston (née Churchill) is a character mentioned in Emma. She died before the course of the novel, and thus does not make an appearance.

She was Mr. Weston's first wife, although at that time he was a captain in the militia. She was born into a very wealthy family from Yorkshire, and had access to a large fortune. Her fortune was nothing in comparison to the entirety of her family's, however. She fell in love with Captain Weston, and married him, although her parents strongly opposed the match. Although initially carefree, she became unhappy within the marriage, and died three years after it took place. In that time, she gave birth to a son, who would have been Mr. Weston's heir, however, her brother, Mr. Churchill, was interested in giving his nephew a life of promise and leaving Mr. Weston to improve his own prospects.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Emma, Volume I, Chapter 2

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