Richard Morland is a character in Northanger Abbey. He is a clergyman and lives in Wiltshire county, near Bath, Somerset. He was a very respectable man of the county and was moderately wealthy. He is married to Mrs. Morland and they have ten children together, including Catherine Morland Tilney and James Morland.[2]

He did not see either James or Catherine while they were in Bath for at least a month. When James wrote to him to ask for his consent in marrying Isabella Thorpe, he gave it with all haste, but refrained from discussing the financial particulars until later. He could only afford to comfortably give his son and his fiancée £400 per year, on account of having so many children to look after financially.[3]

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. One of the very few professions in which a man remains a gentleman and a highly regarded personage of society.
  2. Northanger Abbey, Chapter 1
  3. Chapter 16

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