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The Watsons is an unfinished novel by Jane Austen, which was started around 1803 and put aside, most likely after her father's death in 1805. It has only 5 chapters, and is most commonly published in compilation volumes of Jane Austen's unfinished works and/or juvenalia.

Main CharactersEdit



Many authors have "completed" this work, including:

  • The Younger Sister, completed by Austen's niece, Catherine Hubback, mid-19th century
  • The Watsons, completed by L. Oulton, 1923
  • The Watsons, by Jane Austen. Completed in accordance with her intentions by Edith and Francis Brown, 1928. Edith Brown was the granddaughter of Catherine Hubback, and the great-great-niece of Jane Austen.
  • The Watsons: Jane Austen's Fragment, John Coates, 1958
  • Emma Watson: The Watsons Completed, Joan Aiken, 1996. Republished in 2008 as The Watsons and Emma Watson
  • The Watsons, by Jane Austen and Another Lady , Helen Baker, 2008
  • The Watsons Revisited, Eucharista Ward, 2012
  • The Watsons Jennifer Ready Bettiol, 2014


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